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Self worth is determined by how you value and feel about yourself, in spite of what others may say or do to you. This is an extremely vital asset to have when strengthening and defining one's self esteem. To have a strong self concept is to still feel like you are "that girl or guy" no matter what life shows you. You could be fired today, cheated on, lied to, etc but if your self concept is in the right place, you won't question who's loss it really is. This is why it's necessary to practice self concept work daily.

Below are some of my favorite self worth affirmations. Repeating these statements aloud daily will change your life! Try it and watch your wildest desires come to fruition.

  1. I love being me

  2. I love my life

  3. I get everything I want quickly and easily

  4. I am confident

  5. I am beautiful

  6. I am powerful

  7. I am the prize

  8. People always treat me with the upmost respect

  9. I am valued everywhere I go and in every conversation that I engage in

  10. I know my worth

  11. Every room that I enter in, people's heads stop and turn to admire me

  12. I am the most powerful that I have ever been

  13. Everything that I desire, I get

  14. I am intelligent

  15. My presence has a magnetic pull on everyone

  16. My beauty is hypnotizing

  17. I am in love with myself

  18. I wake up everyday aware of my worth

  19. I place myself on a pedestal every single day

  20. Everything in my life comes easily

  21. I never worry

  22. I am irreplaceable

  23. I am successful

  24. I am THAT girl (or guy) and always will be

  25. I radiate self love, beauty, fulfillment and true happiness

sending you lots of love & light ❤️

- Maya Benberry

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